Ecosmart Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage a sustainable real estate future through clean energy upgrades and home expansion. We strive to help educate our clients and maximize their home value by providing an easy process that highlights the benefits of energy efficient upgrades and home improvement. We are experienced finance and real estate specialists that understand how to help you make the right decisions that monetize the investments you've made in your home.


EcoSmart RE™ is a brokerage and property consulting firm providing professional real estate solutions including home sale and purchase, property analysis, energy evaluation, loan advisory, and new development.

The idea came to fruition when Kamyar K. Rezaie, Founder of Wembley’s Inc, and Freddie Zamani, EVP of Nexus Energy Systems, brainstormed the idea of how clean energy in housing can steer a more sustainable future for real estate. The lack of understanding energy efficient homes across real estate professionals and homeowners quickly became a challenge to overcome. Looking to solve this problem, the team put an emphasis on educating communities about sustainable and efficient technology in the housing market, including how it values a home and the benefits homeowners experience financially. EcoSmart assesses and packages homes to realize their true value for home buyers and sellers.

This belief of efficiency really resonates with EcoSmart. With peaking interest and easing regulations around development units on existing single-family homes, it became natural to expand their solutions in managing the build of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). ADUs use fewer resources like gas and electricity due to their size, and because they’re often built in walkable and bikeable areas, their residents generate less of an environmental impact. They also reduce the per capita residential footprint. This is important because there are a lot of one and two-person households in cities, but not the housing to match that demographic. ADUs can help fill this need and create more homes for people.

EcoSmart is looking to pioneer a more efficient housing market by educating their clients on the benefits of clean energy upgrades and expansion to the home.

The values that drive us.


Strong principles and ethics back our consistency to deliver value over and over again.


Responsibility to our clients and environment by maximizing resources wisely for the best possible outcome is critical to our process.


We aim to deliver our clients long-term value with a smaller ecological footprint.


Freddie Zamani

President / CEO

Freddie Zamani is from Irvine, CA and attended undergrad at the University of California, Riverside with a degree in Business Administration and Political Science.

Freddie moved to Los Angeles in 2005 where he became a true neighborhood and property expert working in real estate. Licensed from 2006 to 2014, Freddie leveraged his 8 years working in home transactions and improvement to better understand how value is best achieved in the housing market. He focused on finance and value-based upgrades to package homes in the evaluation and transaction process.

For the past 8+ years, Freddie has served as a solar executive in various roles, assuming the position as Executive VP at Nexus Energy Systems in 2015. His deep expertise in clean energy and solar PV allows him to help communicate the value in solar-equipped homes for both buyers and current homeowners.

Freddie is dedicated to using data analysis and market foresight to identify housing market trends that deliver high value to his clients time and time again.

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Kamyar K. Rezaie

Vice President / CFO

Kamyar K. Rezaie, a first generation American citizen, has been serving his clients and community since 2002.

After graduating from UCLA summa cum laude with a degree in Economics, and after years of volunteer work (including tutoring his way through high school and college), Kamyar decided to apply his passion for real estate and customer service by opening up his Calabasas real estate business firm, Wembley's Inc. With 15+ years of real estate experience, Kamyar's deep knowledge, professional acumen, ability to network, and community outreach helps him stay abreast of trends and ahead of the curve. Kamyar K. Rezaie is a customer advocate and works for his client 24/7.

Kamyar stands behind offering unparalleled customer support, expertise, knowledge, relationship building and insight to be the difference you're looking for.

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